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The El Legartijo Nego Ranch is a 300-acre property located in Freer, Texas. This property is the perfect ranch for entertainment and hunting of several different species of wildlife including whitetail deer, axis, black buck antelope, red staff, hogs, turnkey, dove, and quail. Protein and corn have been fed year-round for the past four years. The property is high fenced and currently set up primarily for bow hunting with nine different hunting stations and five ponds with water that runs to all of them to maintain constant levels at all times.


The improvements for entertainment are endless on this ranch and include a main house with two sides for privacy, a 3-room hotel, cantina and a swimming pool – all of these amenities surround a 12’ deep pond with a pier stocked with bass and catfish. There is also a bow shooting range adjoining all the main improvements and a workers’ house with garage located down the road from the main compound.


The entire property has piped water throughout the ranch to all the man-made tanks and the improvements

within the compound which are provided by two private wells and city water.

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A 300-acre property in Freer, Texas

Asking $1,200,000

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El LegartiJo Ranch